A helper library for the canvas 2d API


Cee.js is a small helper library for the canvas 2d API. The goal is to extend and enhance the basic API while still remaining familiar. View the demos, try out the code on plunker or read the documentation

API and Enhancements

There are currently two areas of focus

A simple example might look like this

        var ctx = new Canvas("ctx");
        for (var i = 0; i<1000; i++){
            var color = 'rgb(0,' + Math.floor(255 - i/7) + ',' +
                         Math.floor(255 - i/100) + ')';

            ctx.beginPath().line({x:.4*i,y:.4*i,angle: i, distance:i * .40 }).strokeStyle(color).stroke();


So far...

Dreamed up by Rob Larsen with active encouragement by the Isobar Creative Technology team.

Kicked off by Bob Holt

Smart stuff added by Marc Neuwirth

Continuing housekeeping and project sheperding by Rob Larsen