Class: js


new js(selector, params)

Creates a new Cee object
Name Type Description
selector string A string indicating the id of an HTML Canvas element or the name of the Canvas Element to be created
params object An object containing the following parameters
Name Type Description
fillStyle string Default fill style. Defaults to "#000000";
font string Default font. Defaults to "10px sans-serif";
globalAlpha string Default alpha. Defaults to 1;
globalCompositeOperation string Default global composition operation. Defaults to "source-over";
lineCap string Default line cap. Defaults to "butt";
lineJoin string Default line join. Defaults to "miter";
lineWidth string Default line width. Defaults to 1;
miterLimit string Default miter limit. Defaults to 10;
shadowBlur string Default shadowBlur. Defaults to 0;
shadowColor string Default shadowColor. Defaults to "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)";
shadowOffsetX string Default shadodOffsetX. Defaults to 0;
shadowOffsetY string Default shadowOffsetY. Defaults to 0;
strokeStyle string Default strokeStyle. Defaults to "#000000";
textAlign string Default textAlign. Defaults to "start";
textBaseline string Default textBaseline. Defaults to "alphabetic";
Name Type Description
width number The width of the current canvas element
height number The height of the current canvas element